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This Keeps Me Up All Night...

Do you fall asleep really quickly, but when certain thoughts runs through your mind, you stay up almost all night?

We understand thinking about the current state of affairs of our dear beloved country alarms a sense of crippling uncertainty that we may not be able to shake off.


YES,  Uncertainty... because the time we're in right now will go down memory lane as the biggest time of change in modern history...

Don't get me wrong, even the bravest and most confident of us, sometimes is unsure.  That little monster called fear may start whispering in our ears


Did you see the news?

Did you see the killings? 

Did you see how COVID 19 is spreading?

What if it happens to you?

What does the future holds?

What if.

Well, we may not have the answers to all the questions of uncertainties that pops up, but no matter what, we can't give up. 

Something we @ Minimo regularly do that helps a lot with managing our fears is to acknowledge our fears and use positive thoughts to replace our fears because we do know nothing last forever not even our problems or worries. 

Also, we take ACTION. We find ways DAILY that help to spark change in our little bubble of the universe. 

As a #BlackOwned business, we often think about all the nice things our customers (AKA EXTENDED Minimo Family) have said to us via reviews, DMs, & emails and we immediately know that we are using our platform to contribute to the betterment of society.

Thank you SO MUCH for your presence and kindness- it keeps us going!

Remember, tough times don't last but tough people do. Stay Strong & We Wish You Healthy GLOWING SKIN!

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