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Organic Skincare is Life- Heres Why.

"If taking care of the skin can be done naturally plus safe, why go for artificial means" - this is the basic foundation on which Minimo organic skin care works. Organic skin care is the most natural way of skin care. In fact, organic skin care was probably the first one to be used by man when it first woke-up to the needs of his skin.



 Minimo's organic skin care uses combinations of various organic ingredients that complement each other and enhance each other's effectiveness. Moreover, these combinations are also helpful in over-riding the harmful effects (if any) of various organic materials that form them.

Organic herbs, fruit and oil extracts are the most popular things on organic skin care routines and Minimo skin care essentials utilizes all range of carefully selected organic ingredients in the formulation of all products.



Cucumber is very common in organic skin care routines and this is found in Minimo's  Déjàvu Sea Buckthorn Face Serum, a concentrated, nutritive blend of botanical extracts that easily penetrate and nourish the skin. Cucumber peel extracts is rich in silica, which tightens skin and reduces swelling. Déjàvu face serum also contains organic Sea Buckthorn oil, a skin soothing astringent that helps shrink pores & reduce inflammation. 


Turmeric anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties gives skin a natural glow. Organic Turmeric is used in Minimo Glow Turmeric brightening facial scrub and Radiant Brightening Skin Moisturizer. Organic Turmeric in organic skin care helps to energize, reduce hyperpigmentation, brightens the skin and promotes skin cell renewal.

Pure cane sugar is another ingredient in organic skin care procedures. Gentle, fine grain, non-GMO pure cane sugar is known for its exfoliating properties that gently remove dead skin cells. Minimo skin essentials uses pure cane sugar  in various combinations with other organic materials, to prepare face scrubs for normal, oily  and dry skin types.

Use of raw organic Manuka honey is also popular in organic skin care procedures. Raw Manuka honey soothes & hydrates sensitive skin while fighting bacteria. Raw Manuka Honey is also helpful in moisture retention and impart a glowing look to skin.

Our Honeydew Moisturizer contains organic matcha green tea, which is a vitamin rich antioxidant and antibacterial agent that helps fight pore-clogging microbes. This easy absorbing formula contains a specialty blend of fruit botanicals that promote the correction of dark spots on the skin's surface.  


Chamomile is especially good for oily skins and is a popular ingredient in organic skin care regimen. chamomile extract is soothing to the skin and helps calm various skin issues such as redness, irritations and flare ups. Chamomile is included in all Minimo's Flawless skin collection, a skin care regimen collection for acne prone skin.

Another Organic ingredient in the world of organic skincare is Rose water. Rose water has taken a very prominent place as a toner in organic skin care routines.

Minimo skin essential Rose Soothing Toner is a gentle, pH balanced facial toner that deeply cleanses pores with powerful ingredients that help keep acne under control.

Minimo Rose Soothing Toner is naturally fragrant from soothing Rose water and alcohol free, Minimo Rose is specially formulated to remove dirt and residue without stripping the skin natural oils.

Organic ingredients is really an art with a very refreshing and vitalizing effect on the  skin if used, can give wonderful results in a very cost effective manner.

Organic skin care is not only friendlier to the skin, but also inexpensive. Lot's of people have used organic skin care  products to prevent the occurrence of a lot of skin disorders and can help give you the healthy glowing skin you deserve.



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