Amazon Vendors:
Minimum order for new Amazon vendors is $3,000.00 as of March 21, 2023.

- We provide authorization letters and final invoices for Amazon approval after we have fulfilled the order. We strongly suggest that you be sure to follow Amazon's suggestions exactly for un-gating if you are receiving denials after receiving documentation from us.

-We do not provide additional ungating assistance beyond the authorization letter and final invoice.

- We are enrolled in Amazon's Transparency Program, thus labeling is required for all Amazon vendors. Please add Labeling services during checkout. We must have your Amazon Merchant ID to add you as an authorized vendor with Amazon Transparency.

- Compliance with our MAPS Policy is required. Vendors who list below our Amazon selling prices will be denied future requests for inventory.
- Wholesale orders are fulfilled within 3-5 business days. 
- Free shipping to your address provided is unlocked for all orders over $250.

- MSRP Price List with UPC codes for all products can be found here.
- Wholesale Tiered Discount Pricing can be found here.
All Other Vendors:
- Wholesale Minimum for brick & mortar stores, boutiques, spas, and non-Amazon e-commerce is $250.00.