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Should you add Turmeric to Your Skin Care Routine? | Minimo Skin Essentials

Should you add Turmeric to Your Skin Care Routine?

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I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had pretty bad skin growing up. I struggled with acne and when I got my period, I started developing cystic acne on my jawline area. I went through a lot of trial and error of trying to find the right products, burning my face with some, getting bad reactions to others, and finally deciding to go to a dermatologist to get some products to clear up my skin. They worked, but the decision I made to research more on natural and organic products gave my face a whole new look. My face turned 100x better than before! No exaggeration. 

Chemicals are cool (lol) but you can never go wrong when it comes to giving your body the natural resources that were given to us by God! Ya feel me?

So, while doing my research I realized that a lot of the products that you use in your kitchen are the same products that can be good for your skin as well.

If you ever had curry chicken, then you know that sometimes turmeric will be found in the curry powder. If you didn’t know, turmeric has a lot of health benefits such as being able to reduce inflammation. Also, it is used to subside pain, improve liver function and help in the digestion of food.

So, besides living in the kitchen, turmeric can also live on your skin.


The following are some of the benefits of turmeric on your skin:

Helps Reduce Redness

Furthermore, if you are suffering from redness that can come from blemishes or rosacea, then you can count on turmeric to have those anti-inflammatory properties working for you. 

Fights Off Acne

First, Turmeric is a wonderful aid when it comes to acne because its antibacterial. You will get faster and cleaner results by using turmeric to heal your acne instead of your fingers. It is a great dark spot remover with proper use.

I’m talking to you, pimple popper!


Fades Scarring

Second, it is proven that turmeric acts as a lightening agent so this comes at no surprise. If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation or any dark scars, turmeric will speed up the fading process.  Turmeric can also be placed right where your eyes show all your lack of sleep (those under eyes darling, we see them).

Reduce Appearance of Stretch Marks

Now I did not know this, but according to Davis Muli from Standard Media, turmeric has the antioxidative power to penetrate and improve the function of the skin membrane cells.  This will help prevent and treat stretch marks. Experts recommend making your own stretch mark-healing paste with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoon of turmeric and a squeeze of a wedge of a lemon (about one-eighth of the fruit). Rub this mixture onto the affected areas twice a day.

Lightens Facial Hair

Also, Turmeric works as a natural facial hair lightener. So if you aren’t into always having to shave your peach fuzz, why don’t you make it lighter? If it’s less apparent, then no one will even know it is there.


I’ve never known that my face can be so soft and look so juicy until I used turmeric on it. That’s all I’m going to say. Hydrated and healthy, yes indeedy!

turmeric to even skin tone

If you aren’t the person that enjoys doing DIY and making masks by hand then here’s an option.

Lastly, we all know that on Instagram, there are always these ads for companies that we more than likely will never buy from. However, one day I decided to take a chance and did some research on this company called Minimo. The product that changed the game was the Turmeric Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. I am so in love with this product!

turmeric skin brightener

I started seeing results in the first week!

This turmeric facial scrub is loaded with turmeric, pure cane sugar, raw Manuka honey, chamomile extract, Abyssinian oil, amongst other amazing natural ingredients. After using it the first day of wearing it as a mask, my face felt so hydrated and smooth. I WAS SHOOK!

By the end of that first week, the dark marks on my face left by the acne army were fading away. After using it consistently for about 3 weeks, I saw the change in how glowy, smooth and even my skin was becoming. 

As of today, I do not use it as consistently anymore but it still remains as my top organic product to use. All of my skin care products are not natural or organic but I am definitely leaning more towards these types of products for my skin. It may be more expensive but it is indeed well worth it. As far as turmeric goes, should you consider adding it to your skin care routine? Yes. I think we can both agree on that.

**Disclaimer: This product worked for me but it may not work for you so please use this review to your discretion. All words that were said are mine and I am in no way affiliated or paid to write about this product. 




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