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We Had to Share Adela's Story


Adela's Story

When we learned of Adela's story, we couldn't help but think about all the youth that are under-served in our communities who need our much needed love, support, and encouragement.

Meet Adela, one of the outstanding success stories produced by Just Us Girls, Inc. (JUGS) mentoring program.


When Adela was in the 7th grade, something about her stood out. Her middle school counselor knew that there was an abundance of potential in Adela that needed to be harnessed, but she needed support…more than what could be offered during school hours.

Adela’s parents are immigrants who are not financially buoyant, spoke little English, not to mention she was one of 6 children. How would Adela get the support she needed?

This is where Just Us Girls, Inc. stepped in.

Just Us Girls, Inc. (JUGS) Mentees

 Just Us Girls, Inc. (JUGS) mentoring program is a safe space for young women in inner city Georgia. Mentees in the Just Us Girls, Inc. program develop & utilize life skills for self reliance, self-confidence and personal power for life-long success while building community of support.

After Adela joined Just Us Girls, Inc. (JUGS) mentoring program, Adela was soon paired with a mentor with whom she built a close relationship. Because she was so timid, It took her almost a year to open up and a complete sentence around the other group members.

However, Just Us girls, Inc. (JUGS) saw beyond her timidity and equipped her with everything she needs to succeed.

Adela with her Just Us Girls (JUGS) mentor at her wedding.

Adela graduated from high school with honors, but as she came close to graduation, Jackie, the Founder & Executive Director of Just Us Girls, Inc., started to see a change in her. Adela started to become apathetic, as if she no longer cared about anything anymore. 

Adela Bagged Another Award

Jackie and Adela's mentor did some digging and discovered that the fear of the unknown, along with how she was going to continue her education post high school, was the culprit behind Adela's state of depression. The money wasn't there, and being an immigrant only complicated the matter further. 

What was challenging felt overwhelming;
What was sad felt unbearable;
What felt joyful felt pleasureless.

Her parents had applied for DACA program, which is the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrival in USA. This allowed her to not be in jeopardy of deportation, which was a huge sigh of relief. There was still the lingering issue of not being able to obtain any federal or state financial aid.  Adela was so bright and full of potential, but like many youth, the exorbitant costs of higher education leaves many who crave success in limbo.
Some of JUGS mentee with Founder Jackie in the middle

Even after graduation, Just Us Girls, Inc. did not give up on Adela. They continued to provide her with the necessary support so she didn't give up. After graduation, Adela worked for minimum wage, but maintained hope that some day, she could achieve her goals.  Adela stayed resilient and Just Us Girls, Inc. continued to stay in contact.  By this time, Just Us Girls, Inc. was already a part of Adela's family.

One of JUGS Mentees

After two long years in limbo, Jackie got a phone call.
Adela was on the line with incredible news that she had gotten a full scholarship from an organization that helped outstanding DACA students. Her mother and Jackie were a bit skeptical. It truly sounded too good to be true. 

Adela dressed for her Quinceanera

After some intensive investigation, Just Us Girls, Inc. couldn't wait to share some amazing news: The scholarship was 100% legitimate! Adela received a well-deserved, full 4-year scholarship with room AND board to Trinity-Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Nancy Pelosi
Creator: Carolyn Kaster/AP/REX/Shutterstock
The Alma Mater of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Adela and Just Us Girls, Inc. Never Gave Up.

One Friday afternoon before fall semester was to commence, Adela, her mother,  sister, little brother and Jackie, the founder of Just Us Girls, Inc., made the exciting road trip to Trinity-Washington University, a journey that would change Adela's life and give her family a chance for a brighter future. Just Us Girls, Inc. was an integral part from start to finish in the life of Adela. She is well on target to graduate in May, 2021. And of course, Just Us Girls, Inc. will be right there, cheering from the stands.

Adela leaving mother for the first time @ Trinity-Washington University

We had to break out the Kleenex for Adela's story, but you know what?

The work is not done. 

So many more young women like Adela need us to step up to the plate. 
Minimo Skin Essentials has partnered with Just Us Girls, Inc., and we want to shine as much light as possible on this amazing non-profit.

   Minimo Just us Girls

Minimo Skin Essentials is committed to donating 1% of our Amazon US sales to  Just Us Girls, Inc. We want to do our part to contribute to the growth of this incredible organization so they can continue to be influential in the lives of young girls just like Adela.

One of JUGS mentors and mentees
 Will you join us? Learn more about Just Us Girls, Inc. and how you can donate or get involved. 

We can't wait to share more stories about what Just us Girls, Inc. is doing for the community of women that will be our future.

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